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Buy Wholesale cheap michael kors crossbody purse online here! ing fan 1 is through the series/paralles cooling fan relay (Cool Fan 2 Relay) and engine cooling fan 2 motor. The result is a series circuit with both fans running at low speed. To command high speed cooling fan operation, the PCM first supplies a ground path for the low speed cooling fan (Cool Fan 1) relay through the Low Speed Fans Control circuit. After cheap original michael kors handbags a 3 seconds delay, the PCM supplies a ground path for the series/parallel (Cool Fan 2 Relay) and the high speed cooling fan (Cool Fan 3) relays through the High Speed Fans Control circuit. During high speed operation, both the engine cooling fans are supplied current from through their respective maxifuse and each fan has its own ground. Important: When certain Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are present, the PCM may command the cooling fans to run all the time. It is important to perform the Powertrain On Board Diagnostic System check prior to diagnosing the engine cooling fans. The PCM will complete the ground path cheap michael kors grayson for cooling fan relay 1 under any of cheap michael kors totes the following cheap michael kors jeans conditions: VIN K When engine coolant temperature exceeds 106 (223 When A/C is requested and ambient temperature is greater cheap knock off michael kors handbags than 50 (122 When A/C refr cheap Ray Bans christian louboutin shoes sale cheap michael kors fake ugg boots christian louboutin shoes on sale red bottom Cheap wholesale coach handbags Get cheap coach handbags coach handbag sale
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