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Buy Wholesale cheap michael kors crossbody handbags online here! gine running and the AC engaged. Take cheap michael kors ipad cases a small hammer and gently tap on the cooling fan motor itself. Watch the cooling fan blades as your are doing this. If the motor starts to turn the blades, or the blades want to turn, or maybe just coast a bit, then you can be pretty sure the inside of the motor is worn out. Brushes or bushings. Kind of a crude test but not sure what test equipment you have. Try this and let me know where you stand. I can get you schematics, pin outs, and diagnostics if I know what you have authentic michael kors handbags cheap and what knowledge you can do. How can you have voltage at the connector cheap michael kors iphone 5 case and the fan is not running? Do you have ground at the connector? Your computer provides the ground for the fans. Below is the description for the cooling fans and also the schematic for the circuit. The Engine Coolant Fan Motor 2 receives power from a 30 amp maxifuse. Both maxifuses are located in the Underhood Electrical Center. During low speed operation, the PCM supplies a ground path for the Cool Fan cheap michael kors jeans 1 relay through the Low Speed Fans control circuit. This energizes cheap michael kors shoulder bags the relay coil, closes the Fan 1 relay contacts, and supplies current to engine cooling fan 1 motor. The ground path for engine cool cheap ugg boots sale ugg boots clearance christian louboutin outlet online cheap christian louboutin shoes coach bags usa factory outlet coupon discount coach outlet stores cheap uggs discount code christian loub
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