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Buy Wholesale cheap leather michael kors bags online here! f education adviser duringn the presidential transition, makes clear that this isn't the case. policymakers turned around its school system. cheap michael kors bags and shoes But, contrary to popular belief, cheap knock off michael kors purses free shipping it didn't do it by establishing a highly centralized national system with detailed national standards. It "shifted to a more localized system in which highly trained teachers design curriculum cheap kors michael kors shoes around very lean national standards," she wrote. All assessments are school based, designed by teachers, rather than standardized. For promoters of national standards, it is important cheap michael kors handbags china paypal to remember cheap michael kors ipad 2 case that standards alone may be useful, and even necessary, in education, as cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham wrote here recently. But they are not enough. Both Willingham, a University of Virginia professor, and Darling Hammond make clear that no set of standards has much meaning without equitable resources to ensure that teachers are trained well enough to reach kids who live in all circumstances. If the organizations that were so gung ho to produce the national standards don't see that their job has just begun, and that the next, even larger, effort is to secure equitable resources for schools, then the document b ugg outlet online christian louboutin sale cheap christian louboutin clearance online sale uggs red bottom prices red bottom high heels designer Coach Sling Bags
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