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Buy Wholesale cheap kors michael kors shoes online here! idual development. Another concern about the new standards is that they are only for math and English. The emphasis on those subjects in No Child Left Behind's assessment scheme led to a dangerous narrowing of curriculum cheap michael michael kors handbags in public schools; the arts disappeared cheap michael kors handbags sale usa in many systems, science and history and physical education took a back seat too. As education historian Diane Ravitch wrote in her new book "Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education:" "Our schools will not improve if we continue to focus only on reading and mathematics while ignoring the other studies that are essential elements of a good education. Our schools will not improve if we value only what tests measure. cheap michael kors iphone case Not everything that matters can be quantified." There is a common notion in American education reform circles that we are falling behind other countries with high achieving school systems in large part because we don't have national standards. But in her new book, "The Flat World and Education: cheap michael kors coats How America's Commitment to Equity Will Determine cheap michael kors handbags for sale Our Future," Stanford University Professor Linda Darling Hammond, who served as Barack Obama's chie michael kors handbags outlet ugg outlet boots michael kors factory christian louboutin shoes outlet online real coach bags for sale red bottom shoes style christian louboutin bianca shoes Cheap fake coach sunglasses
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