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cheap michael kors handbags in china

Buy Wholesale cheap michael kors handbags in china online here! al game for all types and ages (not just drunk college kids). You will need two sets of bags (6 total) and two platforms with holes in the middle. The bags should be roughly 6" by 6" and filled with beans, rice, etc. The platforms can be purchased online cheap michael kors replicas or simply made with wood or really anything. They should be 2 ft x 4 ft and sloped at a downwards angle. The exception is that the innings are endless until a certain team reaches a certain amount of points. Traditional rules have a certain time limit to throw the bags, but most people do not play competitively, more so as a leisure sport. Cornhole can be played just cheap michael kors bags reviews like tennis, where singles and doubles are allowed. In order to score points, one must land the bag onto the platform or into the 6" hole. The bag can be thrown cheap original michael kors bags into the cheap but real michael kors purses hole, slide into the hole, or knock a different bag into the hole. One point is awarded for bags that land onto the platform, and three points are awarded to a bag that goes into the hole. The deduction works like this: Team blue cheap michael kors mk8152 lands 2 in the hole and 1 onto the board for 7 points. Team red lands 1 in the hole and 2 on the board for 5 points. You deduct the lower points from the higher points (7 5 = fake uggs for sale cheap uggs sale michael kors outlet handbags cheap uggs outlet coach factory store hours coach factory outlet sling bags are red bottom shoes trademarked red bottoms for men cheap christian louboutin red bottom shoes for men
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