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Buy Wholesale cheap michael kors handbags china online here! was gone from Torment, but at first it buy michael kors handbags cheap didn bother us. This was cheap michael kors makeup bags probably how it was intended for live release, so we thought nothing of it. With our prior knowledge we were farming Torment 1 within a day of getting back to 70. For roughly 12 hours we farmed bounties and rifts, but nothing yielded. We were then starting to measure our legendary drops in "days", and we started to get worried. It was then on one day, I noticed a friend of mine playing on Normal difficulty, with his T1 2 geared Demon Hunter. I asked him what he was doing: "Farming legs" cheap michael kors boots online he said. He been farming Act IV over and over, restarting once the bounty bag had been obtained. At first I didn believe it was worth cheap michael kors handbags china paypal it. I mean, how could it be? We could clear Torment 1, 2 and even 3 as a group with ease. It even had exclusive legendaries if the tooltip was anything to go by. Then one by one, he was linking me cheap michael kors grayson bags his rewards. He was cheap michael kors grayson bag averaging roughly 2 an hour, sometimes 3. My envy kicked logic out of the drivers seat, and I decided to see exactly what was up. Two weeks have passed since then. I probably completed over 800 Act IV runs now, and obtained probably over 100 legendaries. Why it works, I not ex ugg boots cheap cheap uggs fake uggs for sale uggs outlet buffalo new york coach bags outlet stores online uggs on sale rei coach bags blue Cheap coach shoes
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